Multidimensional analysis of the effectiveness of the implementation of public food programs in Mexico


  • Lucio Flores Payánz
  • Celia Adelina Monárrez Rico

Palabras clave:

public policies, food policies, food security, multidimensional analysis, poverty


The effectiveness of public food programs has been questioned in the last years in Mexico due to the rise of food poverty indicators in the country, since between 2018 and 2020, the percentage of people living in poverty in Mexico increased. And although development planning in Mexico has been designed and implemented through public programs and has been guided by objectives that respond to programmatic structures, it has put aside a broad and comprehensive vision of development, given that the predominance of educationoriented programs is evident, followed by programs that address economic well-being and health, which emphasizes that the fact that there food programs, or food policies, are just a part of these governmental mechanisms. Hence, the objective of this work is to demonstrate, through a multidimensional analysis, the effect that food programs have achieved in effectively reducing food poverty, from a perspective of food insecurity; for this objective the Encuesta Nacional de Salud y Nutrición*

2019 (ENSANUT by its acronym in Spanish) was used; this survey is a systematic effort from the Mexican government to generate a set of reliable data that allows knowing the current health conditions of the population and its trends. A statistic comparative longitudinal analysis would be carried out, to visualize in a period of five years the effects of public food policy with the measurement of variables of access to food.


* National Health and Nutrition Survey.


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Biografía del autor/a

Lucio Flores Payánz

Professor, Public Policy Department, Administrative Economic Sciences, University of Guadalajara. Campus Ciénega (CUCI). Mail:

Celia Adelina Monárrez Rico

Doctoral student of the doctoral program in public policies and development. University of Guadalajara. Mail:




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